How I stopped worrying and learned to love Apache-WebDav-SSL


Shortly before I got ADSL I started thinking about having my own Web server. Having worked with IIS, I choose Apache as the web server to use.
What I wanted to set-up was: I got ahead and set up stuff in the listed order, though it took me about a year. This was also because the patched Alcatel modem I had would loose it's NAT-list after some time (randomly) after which my site would be unreachable. So I started working on the ssl-bit seriously after I ordered another modem/router.
First thing I did was get a server-machine with Windows 2k. How's that for kinky . Next download Install and run as service, easy as something. Then putting the alfa version of the website I made before hand on the server. Testing: Cool, it works. Register my domain and dns it to the server. Make NAT-entries for ports 80 and 443. It works, I have a webserver.
Next up is getting an J2EE app server runnning behind this apache. I work as web app developer, so I have some test apps. I got JBoss 3.0.1 with Tomcat 4.1. Unpack, start the batch-file et voila, runnning. BUT as a application not as a selfstarting service. Now I got to get it to run as a service. I used a little program called JavaService. The command-line to get JBoss setup as a Service is: ...
Next I had to install mod_jk in Apache and set it up to work against the JBoss machine. This to wasn't to difficult:This is a good Howto
Next put in the application that's under Magic/DrawsCalculator, try it and works . Getting the CACert. ServerCert. CAChain. You need "Options Indexes" in every directory, it doesn't seem to propagate down from a virtual server. For this Password protected WebDav to work under Windows (XP) you need to exclude the operations "HEAD" and "OPTIONS" from the Limit-list, i.e. everybody should be able to access those.