Links to useful software

A rather good Integrated Development Environment for Java. Has tools, plugins and wizards for things like WebServices, Swing Application, JSP, RMI, EJB's
Calling this a make tool is a big understatement. It's a building and task automation framework in which one can define tasks. The download contains a lot of pre-defined tasks and there are more tasks to be found on the internet.
A set of ANT tasks for the generation of home and businees interfaces for EJB's and descriptors, Struts web classes, JBoss Service files. This is extremely useful when you're a Java developer. The documentation is a bit gappy, though.
An ANT task for the generation of (CMP) EJB's from an existing (Oracle and other) database. These can than be further used by Xdoclet. good stuff.
A good decompiler for Java classes. Useful for bug finding and if somebody else forgot something. Don't use to reverse engineer ( :-) )
A good and Open source Versioning system. Lots of possible connectivity protocols, security and tools. Primary meant for Unix-alikes, but
A windows port (build) of CVS.