Useful software

A taglib that let's the user press "Enter" to perform the submit of a specific button of possible several submit buttons on a html form). It is to be used with Struts 1.1
A taglib that will change the style of a message to another style (css-style) when an ActionError was registered for the property of this label
Some taglib-classes to make a Locale-aware calendar on a JSP page, that can be called by pressing a button. It (obviously) works with javascript, in IE6 or Mozilla 6. There are some other small date related utilities: LocalDateDisplay. This gets the month-, day-names for a locale.
A simple layout Manager that'll lay components out in x columns, The height of the components on a row is altered to the biggest component and the width per column is the widest component in that column. So the components are layed out and look a bit like a html table.
A Eclipse plugin to add the Java nature to a project that doesn't have it. This happens if one checks out something from SVN, on a directory level that is under the old project root. The .project-file isn't available to use then.
Small Desktop programm that shows the chances (in percentage) to have a umber of cards in hand after X draws, when there are Y of these cards in a Z sized deck. Usefull for CCG's.